Every live account in the US500 TRADE has its own identity and its own purpose; each of them is suitable for a different type of trader, and each of them opens a different window of opportunities for the currency world. From experienced traders to inexperienced, from small investors to large, the list of real accounts that we offer is the gateway to your financial aspirations.
US500 TRADE Invest allows investors to connect with their strategy for a fee. Learn more about US500 TRADE Invest.
Refer to the PAMM-accounts page for account specifications for a PAMM ECN account.
Please note:
1. Scanning is not allowed on instant execution servers.

2. The commission is taken only at the opening of a position, at doubling the levels listed in the table above (accounting for both opening and closing a position). Since the client's total trading volume is calculated on a monthly basis, commissions will be charged at the highest level at the beginning of each month, and if trading volumes increase during the month, it will be automatically reduced to reflect trading volumes.

3. If positions are opened, closed or changed on the Trading Platform. The trading session ends on Friday, the lever will be switched to a maximum of 1: 100 for all Forex and spot metals currency pairs. Before the start of the next trading session, the leverage will be reset based on the total amount of open positions in the account.

4. Leverage / margin requirements may be changed as a result of the application of the relevant rules in your country of residence. For residents of Poland, the maximum leverage is 1: 100.

5. In ECN Pro, an hour before the close of the trading session on Friday, the levels of Stop Out and Margin Call change from 50% to 100% and from 80% to 130%, respectively.

6. Accounts have a fixed leverage without any restrictions. Leverage is set at 1: 500 by default, and you can change it in your US500 TRADE.

7. Spread may increase depending on market conditions.

8. Exotic pairs are not available for accounts without paging.

9. For futures, the maximum trading volume is 10 lots.