As an authority on Forex and Crypto-Currency trading, the US500 TRADE regularly publishes company statistics. Our goal is not only to comply with high standards and benchmarks in the financial industry, but also to raise awareness and ensure a high level of transparency for all of our clients. The statistics below reveals unprecedented terms of trade and exemplary customer service, which we are proud of.
In accordance with US $ 500 TRADE transparency commitments, these statistics were tested in accordance with 3000 international standards.
Customer Satisfaction with Service
Over 84% of orders processed
within 5 minutes
Over 90% Positive Feedback
from our customers
Order execution speed
The US500 TRADE company has received awards for the speed of order execution, which guarantees that your trading will be comfortable. We know that speed is crucial for you to get the best possible profit, so we execute your trades at lightning speed.
The US500 TRADE has a rich liquidity pool, available through top-level banks and financial institutions, which allows us to fill your orders, even if the markets have high volatility.