Excellent trading conditions
Floating shoulder
Thanks to the introduction of floating leverage, the leverage reaches 1: 1000, which means that our traders can increase their purchasing power by as much as 1000 times. High leverage reveals opportunities for traders whom they could never imagine; the ability to invest a small percentage of funds and, nevertheless, trade in large volumes. Always remember that there is a possibility that the leverage will also suffer losses.
Tight spreads
Tight spreads are a key prerequisite when choosing a forex broker. The initial cost of trading depends on how low or high spreads are offered, so the fact that we give you tight spreads and even spreads starting at 0.1 points gives you an advantage right from the start.
* Depending on the type of account and market conditions
Fast execution
Your transactions are immediately executed on the US500 TRADE, ensuring that you get the best prices and no delays hinder your trading activities.
No dealing desk (NDD)
NDD technology allows us to work with multiple liquidity providers to provide you with the best prices. With this technology, we offer deep interbank liquidity and give you direct access to rates that can be instantly executed *.
* Depending on the type of account and market conditions.
Automated Trading
With automated trading, otherwise known as algorithmic trading, a trader develops a trading strategy or implements someone else's trading strategy, and then it is used by an automated trading system, such as advisors. This system automatically starts trading for you in accordance with the strategy you have already implemented, making your trading activity automatic. The biggest advantage of this system is that traders do not need to worry about missing the opportunity if they distract attention for a while. Profit can be achieved even when you are fast asleep, because you have included your trading algorithm in this system. It is important to keep in mind that, as with traditional trading, losses can also occur with automated trading.